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Black Magic Indoor Black Light Mini Golf

Rain or shine, day or night, get ready for the latest innovation in mini golf… it’s mini golf played in the surrealistic setting of black light. The hazards, your ball and even your putter seem to pop out of the darkness. It’s a total experience… challenging and entertaining! If nothing else, pop in and have a free look! Amazing!!!


Hours of Operation:
Open Daily until Labour Day 9:30am – 9pm
Located at 9018 Cavendish Road (beside Sandspit Amusement Park)  902-963-2889
Click here for directions

Regular price for the above attractions: Adults $9.95 Kids $8.95

But wait… it gets even better! Try our


Adults $27 and Kids $22 for all four attractions!
(Price works out to be Adults $6.75 and Kids $5.50 per attraction)
You get one admission to each attraction and you don’t even have to do them
all in one day! You can actually spread them out over the summer.

Ask for it at the cash register.